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  1. Perry v. Clinton Nursing and Rehabilitation Center (filed April 2, 2018): After suffering a fall at her nursing home residence, a woman died of head trauma complications.
  2. Chavez v. Advanced Radiology (filed April 3, 2018): In this birth injury wrongful death claim, radiologists failed to recognize a fetus' congenital heart defect. As a result, the baby was born in a hospital that was not prepared to handle her health care needs.
  3. Heller v. Riderwood Village (filed April 3, 2018): A nursing home resident fell to the floor, remaining there for seven hours before help arrived. His health continued to decline until his death, five days later.
  4. Frederick v. University of Maryland Medical System (filed April 4, 2018): After years of treatment for Crohn's disease, a woman realized that she had been misdiagnosed and unnecessarily suffering the harmful side effects of Crohn's disease medications.
  5. Couplin v. Lorien Bulle Rock (filed April 4, 2018): A woman suffered an opioid overdose when a nurse continued to add new fentanyl patches to her body without removing the old patches.
  6. Bateman v. Sinai Hospital (filed April 4, 2018): A man's second heart attack went misdiagnosed for approximately three hours, resulting in permanent cardiac damage.
  7. Cheung v. Suburban Dental Associates (filed April 4, 2018): When a dentist failed to take the proper precautions before a dental implant procedure, he placed the implant at an incorrect angle, causing his patient to develop an inflammatory bone lesion.
  8. Copp v. St. Mary's Nursing and Rehabilitation Center (filed April 5, 2018): After taking a sedative to treat insomnia, a nursing home resident was not properly monitored and she suffered a fatal fall.
  9. Rollins v. University of Maryland Midtown (filed April 6, 2018): In this birth injury claim, doctors failed to perform a timely C-section when the mother was suffering an arrest of active labor and her baby was showing signs of distress.
  10. Zimlin v. Greater Baltimore Medical Center (filed April 6, 2018): A woman spent six weeks in the hospital following her knee replacement surgery. In spite of the woman's consistent complaints of postoperative pain, hospital staff failed to diagnose or treat a stress fracture in her foot.
  11. Sfiriou v. Hart to Heart Transportation Services (filed April 6, 2018): While EMTs were helping her from an ambulance and into her home, a woman fell on the icy pavement.
  12. McMonigle v. Johns Hopkins Hospital (filed April 9, 2018): After suffering through maternal high blood pressure, a detached placenta, and a delayed C-section, a baby was born with fatal brain injuries.
  13. White v. Medstar Southern Maryland Hospital Center (filed April 9, 2018): In spite of his known high fall risk, a man was left unsupervised in his hospital room to recover from hernia repair surgery. Unsurprisingly, he fell and injured himself.
  14. Genna v. Howard County General Hospital (filed April 9, 2018): A man with known suicidal ideations was placed on fifteen-minute checks rather than constant observation. He made a suicide attempt and now suffers from a permanent cognitive disability.
  15. O'Connell v. Maryland Oncology Hematology (filed April 10, 2018): A hematologist prescribed dangerous blood thinners without adequately monitoring his patient's bloodwork. Ultimately, his patient suffered a stroke and severe brain damage.
  16. Ray v. Mercy Medical Center (filed April 11, 2018): A team of anesthesiologists improperly positioned a man during his spinal surgery, causing him to suffer permanent neurological damage.
  17. Bouadjemi v. Cranberry Cottage (filed April 11, 2018): In this nursing home wrongful death claim, a woman suffered a fall, developed dysphagia, and choked on her spaghetti dinner. As a result of the choking incident, the woman suffered a fatal case of aspiration pneumonia.
  18. Diaz-Daniels v. Forbes Ambulatory Surgery Center (filed April 11, 2018): During a liposuction, the plastic surgeon removed an excessive amount of fatty tissue and injured his patient's bowel.
  19. Mason v. Sinai Hospital of Baltimore (filed April 12, 2018): After doctors failed to appreciate the seriousness of a woman's irregular echocardiogram results, she developed endocarditis and passed away.
  20. Wilson v. University of Maryland Medical System (filed April 12, 2018): After a nurse improperly placed a PIV line in an artery rather than a vein, the blood supply to an infant's left arm was disrupted. Unfortunately, the baby's left fingers had to be amputated.
  21. Law v. University of Maryland Shore Emergency Center (filed April 12, 2018): A girl suffered an adrenal crisis after she missed two steroid doses due to a gastrointestinal illness. Doctors failed to timely diagnose and treat her condition, and she ultimately died of complications from an anoxic brain injury.
  22. Staiman v. Howard County General Hospital (filed April 12, 2018): Doctors incorrectly placed a surgical drain when attempting to treat a woman's intra-abdominal abscess, causing her to experience severe leg pain.
  23. Printup v. United States (filed April 12, 2018): A prescription error caused a man's kidney transplant to fail. While the man awaits another kidney on the donor list, he requires dialysis and anti-rejection medication.
  24. Flynn v. Yoder (filed April 13, 2018): During a surgery to clean a man's infected sinuses and straighten his deviated septum, the operating otolaryngologist damaged a bone in the man's skull.
  25. Thompson v. Mercy Medical Center (filed April 13, 2018): A diverticulitis patient fell and fractured her wrist while she was residing at the hospital.
  26. Robinson v. Future Care Irvington (filed April 13, 2018): Nursing home staff dropped a woman while they were attempting to help her ambulate, causing her to suffer a leg fracture.
  27. Robinson v. Catonsville Commons (filed April 13, 2018): While recovering from her broken leg at another nursing home, the same woman from claim no. 181 suffered a fatal bedsore.
  28. Goins v. Robinson (filed April 13, 2018): After discovering that a man had an irregular heart rate, doctors failed to prescribe the appropriate medications. Without anticoagulant treatment, the man died of complications from a cardioembolic stroke.
  29. Hightower v. University of Maryland Medical Center (filed April 17, 2018): A man donated part of his liver to his father. During the transplant surgery, his physicians negligently damaged his diaphragm.
  30. Dickerson v. Medstar Southern Maryland Hospital (filed April 18, 2018): A woman's pulse stopped after she suffered severe hemorrhaging from her ruptured fallopian tube. Doctors eventually resuscitated her and found the source of her internal bleeding, but not before she had already sustained permanent brain damage.
  31. Jama v. Clinton Nursing & Rehabilitation Center (filed April 18, 2018): A nursing home resident was permitted to leave the facility in his wheelchair after dark. While traveling alone down a road, the man was involved in a fatal car accident.
  32. Christian v. Advanced Radiology (filed April 18, 2018): When a radiologist failed to diagnose a patient's spinal osteomyelitis, the infection worsened and caused permanent neurological damage.
  33. Mee v. Annapolis Pulmonary and Sleep Specialists (filed April 19, 2018): Doctors prescribed Cytoxan to treat a man's pulmonary condition without warning him that the drug was known to pose a risk of infertility.
  34. Johnson v. University of Maryland Pathology Associates (filed April 19, 2018): A healthcare provider continued to draw blood from a woman's arm after she complained of excruciating pain. The woman now suffers from permanent pain in her arm.
  35. Corbin v. Johns Hopkins Hospital (filed April 19, 2018): Surgeons failed to notice an injury they caused during a woman's uterine fibroid removal surgery. The woman suffers from chronic pain due to her untreated surgical wound.
  36. Barkman v. Fahrney-Keedy Home and Village (filed April 20, 2018): When nursing home staff failed to implement the appropriate safety measures for a man with a history of falling, the man fell from his wheelchair and suffered fatal injuries.
  37. Ake v. Western Maryland Health System (filed April 20, 2018): Instead of simply removing a woman's cyst during an excision surgery, the doctor negligently removed the woman's entire Bartholin's gland.
  38. Gruver v. Brain & Spine Specialists (filed April 20, 2018): A man suffered myriad complications from an unnecessary spinal fusion surgery, including pinched nerves, necrotic damage, malnutrition, and a collapsed lung.
  39. Keating v. University of Maryland Shore Regional Health (filed April 25, 2018): When assisting a man from his hospital bed, staff members used an unsafe transfer technique and applied excessive force to the man's upper left arm. One week later, doctors discovered that the man's left arm had been broken.
  40. Thivierge v. Franklin Square Hospital Center (filed April 20, 2018): In this wrongful death claim, a man suffered anoxic brain damage due to complications from his spinal surgery and delayed resuscitation efforts.
  41. Alston v. Johns Hopkins Hospital (filed April 23, 2018): Surgeons mistakenly punctured a woman's small intestine during an abscess drainage surgery. The surgical error caused a downward spiral of worsening complications, culminating in kidney failure and a colon transplant after months of hospitalization.
  42. Harrison v. Kaiser Permanente (filed April 23, 2018): Doctors prescribed a woman with an implant contraceptive device, but repeatedly ignored her symptoms of a rapid heart rate and shortness of breath. The woman eventually died of undiagnosed pulmonary hypertension.
  43. Almonte v. Johns Hopkins Hospital (filed April 23, 2018): Doctors performed GERD-treating surgery on a three-month-old baby in order to address his swallowing and breathing problems. As a result of surgical complications, the baby was unable to swallow for the first nine years of his life.
  44. Wardak v. Ulery Dental and Orthodontics (filed April 23, 2018): A dentist gave a woman dental implants even though she was not a good candidate for the procedure. Her implants ultimately became infected and had to be removed.
  45. Blake v. Village OB/GYN Associates (filed April 24, 2018): Healthcare providers failed to adequately monitor and treat a woman who was consistently underweight during her pregnancy. The woman's baby was born with hypoglycemia and suffered permanent cognitive and physical disabilities.
  46. Brokenborough v. Washington Adventist Hospital (filed April 25, 2018): A nurse discharged a patient from the hospital following heart surgery, even though the patient had a multitude of concerning symptoms and test results. The woman died shortly thereafter of heart disease complications.
  47. Cromwell v. Kozy Kottage Assisted Living (filed April 25, 2018): In this nursing home negligence claim, a woman sustained severe burns in a fire.
  48. Heath v. NMS Healthcare of Hyattsville (filed April 26, 2018): A man sustained fatal pressure ulcers on his heels and left leg when he was residing at a nursing home.
  49. Carter v. Future Care Homewood (filed April 26, 2018): A woman sustained a fatal leg injury during a fall at her nursing home residence.
  50. Smith v. Union Memorial Hospital (filed April 26, 2018): Following cyst removal surgery, a woman developed chronic pain in her right hand and wrist.
  51. Martin v. Johns Hopkins Hospital (filed April 26, 2018): A prostate cancer patient sustained a severe and permanent rectal injury from negligent radiation treatment.
  52. Vendemia v. Arundel Mills Surgery Center (filed April 27, 2018): A plastic surgeon performed the incorrect procedure on a man's upper eyelid in an attempt to treat his floppy lid syndrome. The man's eyelid is now permanently disfigured and obstructs his vision.
  53. Robertson v. Medstar Good Samaritan Hospital (filed April 27, 2018): In this wrongful death claim, a man developed a Stage IV pressure ulcer and suffered a fatal case of sepsis.
  54. Taylor v. Mercy Medical Center (filed April 30, 2018): A man recovering from knee replacement surgery was administered a dangerously high level of narcotic pain medication without the appropriate monitoring devices in place. As a result, he suffered a cardiac arrest and brain death.
  55. Barnard v. Doctors Community Hospital (filed April 30, 2018): A boy developed cobalt toxicity from a metal implant in his arm. Untreated, his cobalt toxicity caused a variety of severe neuropsychological symptoms, including depression.
  56. Thompson v. Peninsula Regional Medical Center (filed April 30, 2018): Following a TIPS procedure, physicians failed to remove a woman's catheter. Ultimately, the woman developed a fatal infection at the site of her jugular catheter.
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When my sister was killed, we turned to Miller & Zois to fight for us. They stood by us every step of the way and we ended up getting more money than we asked for. C.B. (Baltimore City)
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I did not get an offer for my case because the insurance company said they were denying coverage. My lawyer then referred me to Miller & Zois. After Miller & Zois got involved, the offer was raised to $150,000. We thought that was not fair so Miller & Zois took my case to arbitration. Our case was well prepared and perfectly executed. The arbitrator awarded me $405,000. R.V. (Anne Arundel County)
I refer all of my serious injury cases in Maryland to Miller & Zois because they turn over every last stone to maximize the value of their case. The last case I referred to them settled for $1.2 million. John Selinger (New York personal injury lawyer)
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