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  1. Astarb v. Suburban Hospital (filed March 2, 2018): Following surgery, doctors incorrectly intubated a patient, compromising his oxygen supply. He suffered a hypoxic brain injury and ultimately died as a result. (This is a Miller & Zois case set for trial in October 2020.)
  2. Jackson v. Harbor Hospital (filed March 5, 2018): As a result of a delayed C-section delivery, a baby suffered an in utero stroke and was born with permanent brain injuries.
  3. Dalessandro v. Shady Grove Adventist Hospital (filed March 5, 2018): A nurse mistakenly administered Epinephrine rather than Ephedrine to a woman experiencing postoperative hypotension. The woman suffered permanent heart and cognitive damage as a result of the mix-up.
  4. Anonymous v. Greater Washington Maternal Fetal Medicine and Genetics (filed March 6, 2018): After parents received false reassurance from a genetic counselor, they had three children together. Their youngest daughter was born with Canavan disease, a fatal neurodegenerative genetic disorder.
  5. Jeffries v. Seton Medical Group (filed March 6, 2018): A woman with gestational diabetes was not provided with regular glucose checks throughout labor and delivery. As a result, her doctors did not realize that she needed an insulin drip to regulate her blood sugar levels and her baby was born with a hypoglycemic brain injury.
  6. Robusto v. Oakwood Care Center (filed March 6, 2018): A nursing home resident's urinary tract infection progressed to sepsis, multi-system organ failure, and death as a result of delayed treatment.
  7. Cortez v. Moubarek (filed March 7, 2018): An inmate accidentally swallowed a screw that was hidden in his soup. He alleges that the prison medical staff failed to provide appropriate care because they never administered antibiotics or a tetanus shot.
  8. Brinton Woods of Washington D.C. v. Radiation Physics (filed March 8, 2018): A nursing home was sued after a resident died of complications from an untreated bowel obstruction. The nursing home believes that Radiation Physics should be liable for the resident's damages because the radiologist never informed nursing home staff about the resident's x-ray results.
  9. Curran v. Johns Hopkins Hospital (filed March 8, 2018): Despite a lack of supporting evidence, doctors diagnosed a man with pancreatitis and removed his pancreas. The man developed brittle diabetes as a result of the procedure, his chronic abdominal pain continued, and pathology reports revealed that he never did have pancreatitis.
  10. Russell-Brown v. Surgical Associates (filed March 8, 2018): A doctor failed to recognize the danger of his patient's arterial stenosis following an angioplasty procedure. As a result of prolonged blood flow restriction, the patient required a below-the-knee amputation.
  11. Frank v. Johns Hopkins Hospital (filed March 8, 2018): A cancer patient received an improper intramuscular injection and suffered sciatic nerve damage.
  12. Peitz v. Meritus Center for Breast Health (filed March 8, 2018): In this cancer misdiagnosis claim, a mass in a woman's lung was allowed to grow and metastasize without proper treatment, long after the mass was first spotted on a chest x-ray.
  13. Plaintiff v. Kaiser Permanente Kensington Medical Center (filed March 8, 2018): Yet another patient accused a Kaiser pain management specialist of performing a sexually abusive exam.
  14. McAndrew v. Kaiser Permanente (filed March 8, 2018): In this class action claim, three named women stand in for the dozens, potentially hundreds, of patients who were sexually assaulted by a pain management specialist.
  15. Alvarez v. Kaiser Permanente (filed March 8, 2018): In another battery claim, eight women accuse a pain management specialist of committing sexual assault under the guise of medical treatment.
  16. Knott v. Wexford Health Sources (filed March 12, 2018): After a series of negligent medical examinations, an inmate's blood clots became so severe that he required a left leg amputation.
  17. Morrison v. Long Green Center / Futurecare Cold Spring (filed March 12, 2018): It took nursing home staff several days to notice and report a resident's broken hip. The staff at the woman's next nursing home did not adequately clean her wounds, causing gangrene. Ultimately, the woman died as a result of their substandard care.
  18. Fraction v. Good Samaritan Hospital (filed March 12, 2018): A vascular radiologist damaged a woman's femoral artery and nerve during a uterine fibroid embolization procedure. As a result of the surgical error, the woman suffered a permanent nerve injury, disability, and pain.
  19. Lee v. Wexford Health Sources (filed March 12, 2018): A man suffered medical malpractice in the area of gastroenterology while he was incarcerated at the Western Correctional Institution in Cumberland.
  20. Kelley v. Johns Hopkins Hospital (filed March 12, 2018): While attempting to repair a man's left ventricle after a heart attack, a surgeon incorrectly sewed an artery to a vein.
  21. McCardell v. Johns Hopkins Hospital (filed March 12, 2018): Following heart surgery, a man developed a MRSA infection in his sternum. He died of the chronic infection several years later.
  22. Zuras v. Love To Care (filed March 12, 2018): Under the care and supervision of a home aide, a man was given a bath in scalding hot water. The man ultimately died of the severe burns covering ten percent of his body.
  23. Kurfurst v. Howard County General Hospital (filed March 13, 2018): After a right leg amputation, a man developed a painful and permanent nerve injury due to inadequate wound care.
  24. Wilson v. University of Maryland Orthopaedic Associates (filed March 13, 2018): After a woman broke and dislocated her elbow, her left arm was stabilized with an external fixator. Physicians drilled one of the fixator pins in the wrong place, causing the woman to suffer left radial nerve palsy.
  25. Tokarski v. Carroll Primary Care (filed March 15, 2018): Primary care doctors and a hematologist failed to recognize a man's progressing liver disease in spite of ten abnormal blood tests. The man eventually required a liver transplant, but the delay in treatment caused a variety of postoperative complications.
  26. Bell v. University of Maryland Medical Center Midtown Campus (filed March 15, 2018): A pregnant woman remained in the hospital for twenty hours, showing consistent signs of fetal distress, before she was finally able to give birth. If her doctors had performed an emergency C-section hours earlier, her baby could have been born without permanent brain injuries.
  27. Lugo v. NMS Healthcare of Springbrook (filed March 15, 2018): In this nursing home wrongful death claim, a woman's leg got caught up in her bedsheet and broke while nursing assistants were attempting to transfer her out of bed. During recovery from her fractured leg and subsequent surgery, the woman developed a fatal pressure ulcer.
  28. Downer v. Greenbelt Endoscopy Center (filed March 16, 2018): In this wrongful death claim, a woman went to Doctors Community Hospital for an appendectomy. Her anesthesiologists did not properly monitor her airway and the woman suffered a severe hypoxic brain injury during surgery.
  29. Green v. Mercy Medical Center (filed March 16, 2018): During a hip replacement procedure, a man was administered an overdose of spinal anesthesia and suffered permanent brain damage.
  30. Ivy v. Moubarek (filed March 19, 2018): An inmate's infected wisdom tooth was only partially removed during a tooth extraction procedure. One week later, the remaining tooth fragments were extracted by an outside dental surgeon.
  31. Endzel v. Baltimore Uptown Dentist (filed March 19, 2018): A woman suffered lingual nerve damage during a tooth extraction procedure, resulting in permanent pain and numbness. Her dentist also used an excessive amount of anesthetic and failed to provide adequate follow-up care.
  32. Riddick v. Mercy Medical Center (filed March 19, 2018): After doctors inadequately treated a pregnant woman's bacterial vaginosis and failed to timely perform a C-section, her baby was born with periventricular leukomalacia, among other birth injuries.
  33. Taylor v. Davis Spine & Orthopaedics (filed March 19, 2018): In Anne Arundel County, an improperly placed spinal stimulator permanently paralyzed a woman's lower body.
  34. Natty v. Shady Grove Adventist Hospital (filed March 22, 2018): While emerging from general anesthesia after a colonoscopy, a man had an obstructed airway, suffered acute respiratory failure, entered cardiac arrest, and died.
  35. Fazenbaker v. Western Maryland Hospital (filed March 22, 2018): After a man's lumbar disc herniation and spinal stenosis went undiagnosed for several days, his condition progressed to cauda equina syndrome with permanent foot drop and incontinence.
  36. Wilson v. Wexford Health Sources (filed March 22, 2018): In two separate instances of medical negligence, an inmate's broken foot healed improperly and his hiatal hernia was never appropriately treated.
  37. Gilman v. Johns Hopkins Hospital (filed March 22, 2018): A negligent tumor embolization caused a man to suffer speech, cognitive, and physical disabilities. His condition continued to decline after improper physical therapy.
  38. Herzog v. Johns Hopkins Hospital (filed March 23, 2018): A woman's bowel was perforated during a surgical procedure to remove her ovarian cyst and diagnose the cause of her heavy menstrual bleeding. She became septic and required additional surgical interventions.
  39. Long v. The Chesapeake Ambulatory Surgery Center (filed March 26, 2018): When a woman's foot failed to heal properly after a surgery to remove her bunion, her podiatrist discovered that he had damaged her tendon during the procedure.
  40. Calabro v. Alternative Primary Care (filed March 26, 2018): After a pediatrician failed to inform a patient's father about his elevated glucose levels, the child died of diabetic ketoacidosis.
  41. Preston v. Severna Park Center (filed March 27, 2018): A nursing home resident on blood thinners fell and hit his head. When he was not taken to the hospital in a timely manner, the man's head injury became fatal.
  42. Wadsworth v. Advanced Radiology (filed March 27, 2018): A radiologist recognized a clavicular lesion on a breast cancer patient's CT scan, but failed to identify the lesion as a possible sign of metastasis. Ultimately, the patient's condition went untreated and she died of stage four metastasized breast cancer.
  43. Amend v. Johns Hopkins Hospital (filed March 27, 2018): During a spinal tap procedure, a pediatric neurologist negligently inserted a needle eight times into various levels of her patient's spine. The child now suffers from complex regional pain syndrome as a result of the excessive punctures.
  44. Whitmire v. Kaiser Permanente (filed March 28, 2018): A child's acute bone infection progressed to a chronic condition after it went misdiagnosed for several years. He suffers permanent mobility issues and will require lifelong antibiotic treatment.
  45. Rosselli v. Maryland Spine and Sports Surgi-Center (filed March 28, 2018): A man's shoulder became infected when his health care providers failed to sterilize the injection site and equipment before performing an autologous blood transfusion.
  46. Poe v. Franklin Square Hospital (filed March 28, 2018): Due to delayed diagnosis and treatment for uveitis (eye inflammation), a man permanently lost vision in his left eye.
  47. Montgomery v. University of Maryland Medical Center (filed March 29, 2018): In this pro se wrongful death claim, a cardiothoracic physician failed to respect a patient's faith and medical choice when performing heart surgery. Ultimately, the patient died of irreversible brain damage.
  48. Metcalf v. Lorien Riverside (filed March 29, 2018): A nursing home resident was not properly monitored after she was negligently administered an overdose of oxycodone.
  49. Cho v. Park (filed March 29, 2018): This dental malpractice claim was filed after the cancerous lesion in a man's mouth went undiagnosed and untreated.
  50. Franklin v. GBMC Healthcare (filed March 29, 2018): A toxic combination of prescribed medications caused a woman to suffer pancreatic and kidney injuries.
  51. Williams v. Surgical Associates (filed March 30, 2018): A woman's ureter was severely damaged during a surgery to treat her colon cancer. Her right kidney was ultimately removed as a result of the trauma.
  52. Robinson v. MHM Services (filed March 30, 2018): In this wrongful death claim, an inmate with a known history of suicidal ideations was not properly monitored.
  53. Pizarro v. GW Medical Faculty Associates (filed March 30, 2018): A woman underwent two hernia repair surgeries within a two-week period. At first the surgeon performed the wrong procedure, then he damaged the woman's femoral nerve during the second surgery.
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When my sister was killed, we turned to Miller & Zois to fight for us. They stood by us every step of the way and we ended up getting more money than we asked for. C.B. (Baltimore City)
My prior lawyer was not able to get the insurance companies to offer a single penny in my case. Then my lawyer referred me to Ron and Laura. It was a long fight and they fought for me every step of the way. My case settled for $1.31 million. A.A. (Baltimore City)
I did not get an offer for my case because the insurance company said they were denying coverage. My lawyer then referred me to Miller & Zois. After Miller & Zois got involved, the offer was raised to $150,000. We thought that was not fair so Miller & Zois took my case to arbitration. Our case was well prepared and perfectly executed. The arbitrator awarded me $405,000. R.V. (Anne Arundel County)
I refer all of my serious injury cases in Maryland to Miller & Zois because they turn over every last stone to maximize the value of their case. The last case I referred to them settled for $1.2 million. John Selinger (New York personal injury lawyer)
As former insurance defense lawyers, Miller & Zois 'know the other side's playbook'. Lawyers Weekly USA