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Maryland Medical Malpractice Lawsuits Filed in February 2019

  1. Dillahunt v. Doctors Community Hospital (filed February 1, 2019) – A 44-year-old man presents to the emergency department with symptoms of a stroke, however, he is misdiagnosed with vertigo and discharged. He returns to the emergency when his symptoms do not improve, but rather worsened, and suffers a massive stroke while there and dies. Had his doctors acted quicker, he likely would have survived.
  2. Navarro v. Anonymous Doctor (filed February 1, 2019) – A doctor incorrectly diagnoses a patient with Crohn’s disease and treats her accordingly. He prescribes her 6-mercaptopurine, a drug known to have serious side effects, but fails to monitor her for them. She suffers a dangerous compromise of her bone marrow and an upper GI bleed both of which are believed to have been caused by her prescription. This case was recently dismissed for lack of prosecution.
  3. Saunders v. New Annapolis Nursing (filed February 1, 2019) – A long term care facility fails to take necessary precautions for a patient who develops massive decubitus ulcers.
  4. Davis v. Suburban Hospital (filed February 1, 2019) – A man slips and falls leaving him in immense pain causing him to go to the emergency department. Imaging is taken, but the results are misread and he is ultimately discharged to a rehab center unaware he has a T-11 fracture. He finally is diagnosed but has now additionally suffered a spinal injury. During rehab, he develops necrotic pressure ulcers and becomes septic. Sadly, he passes away.
  5. Grate v. Peninsula Regional Medical Center (filed February 4, 2019) – While under anesthesia, a patient’s condition deteriorates, and his doctors fail to recognize it until he is pulseless. He suffers prolonged hypoxia and despite resuscitation efforts, he passes away.
  6. Fisher v. Morningside House of St. Charles (filed February 5, 2019) – A woman in a nursing home facility largely loses her mobility, however, the staff does not implement the necessary precautionary measures she needs to avoid developing pressure ulcers. She ends up developing 10 and eventually passes away. The causes of her death were pressure ulcers with abscess’ and osteomyelitis.
  7. Brooks-Holt v. Johns Hopkins Hospital (filed February 5, 2019) – A woman suffering from immense leg pain sees multiple doctors, however, none provide her with a diagnosis. She ultimately is diagnosed with a necrotizing infection and loses her leg.
  8. Keeney v. University of Maryland Medical Center (filed February 5, 2019) – This case involves a surgeon who was performing a stent procedure on a patient with DVT and accidentally placed the intravascular stent directly through the vein into her spinal cord. Due to this mistake, the patient suffered multiple spinal and nerve root injuries resulting in cauda equina syndrome and paralysis.
  9. Lanier v. Anonymous Dentist (filed February 6, 2019) – Despite a patient having active periodontitis, a dentist performs multiple implant procedures all of which were doomed to and did fail due to his infection.
  10. Jurado v. Johns Hopkins Hospital (filed February 6, 2019) – After a woman gives birth, doctors perform a surgical procedure on her without her consent. While doing so, the surgeon makes a mistake and improperly sutures her leaving her with permanent disfigurement and scarring as well as closing her vaginal vault in two sections.
  11. Kasindorf v. Layhill Center (filed February 6, 2019) – A patient in a rehab center develops a pressure ulcer and even after being diagnosed, is not provided with any measures to prevent it from worsening for nearly two weeks. He eventually develops sepsis and sadly passes away.
  12. Locklear v. Oakwood Care Center (filed February 7, 2019) – A patient develops a urinary tract infection that continuously worsens, however, she is never properly diagnosed or treated. It progresses to the point of septic shock and cannot be reversed resulting in her death.
  13. Raftery v. American National Red Cross (filed February 8, 2019) – This case involves a patient who underwent a blood transfusion and died soon after due to sepsis. An investigation into his death revealed his death was most likely caused by transfusion-transmitted sepsis.
  14. Martin v. Baltimore Washington Medical Center (filed February 12, 2019) – A man develops an ulcer on his foot due to complications associated with diabetes and must undergo angioplasty as well as a toe and foot amputation. His condition significantly improves, however, his surgeon decides to perform an additional below the knee amputation.
  15. May v. Professional Nursing Services (filed February 12, 2019) – A nurse providing home health care to a 15-year-old child with dyskinetic cerebral palsy is caught on camera both emotionally and physically abusing her.
  16. Coffman v. St. Agnes Healthcare (filed February 12, 2019) – An OB/GYN unnecessarily artificially ruptures a woman’s membranes and causes an umbilical cord prolapse that is not timely detected. As a result, a C-section is delayed and the child is born with permanent neurological damage due to oxygen deprivation.
  17. Sours v. Anonymous Dentist (filed February 12, 2019) – A dentist inappropriately uses mini dental implants on a patient that break four times causing her pain and suffering and to sustain medical expenses.
  18. Thompson v. Holy Cross Hospital (filed February 14, 2019) – A pregnant mother’s membranes rupture spontaneously and meconium staining is revealed, however, no NICU or neonatal team is called or present when the baby is born. As a result, the baby suffers meconium aspiration that causes permanent brain damage and injury.
  19. Friedman v. St. Joseph Medical Center (filed February 14, 2019) – A man in recovery after surgery becomes hypotensive due to internal bleeding, however, his condition is not diagnosed or treated quickly enough and despite transfusions and surgery, he passes away.
  20. Culbert v. Johns Hopkins Hospital (filed February 14, 2019) – Doctors fail to diagnose a patient’s kidney cancer despite it being apparent on imaging that was taken. As a result, his cancer goes undiagnosed for 19 months and his kidney is no longer salvageable. Additionally, he is now facing dialysis in the future.
  21. Abraham v. Anonymous Doctor (filed February 15, 2019) – This case involves a physician who failed to timely diagnose and treat an infection in a patient’s foot who had diabetes. As a result, the infection progressed to necrotizing fasciitis and gangrene and his leg had to be amputated.
  22. Randle v. Cadia Healthcare of Hyattsville (filed February 15, 2019) – A nursing home fails to implement necessary preventive treatments and measures of pressure ulcers for an immobile patient. As a result, she develops a necrotic stage IV pressure ulcer.
  23. Corbin v. NMS Healthcare of Hagerstown (filed February 15, 2019) – A stroke patient is recovering in a rehab facility where she develops advanced pressure ulcers and skin lesions as well as C Diff Colitis. The facility fails to provide her with effective treatment and her condition deteriorates. Ultimately, she passes away from septic shock and C Diff Colitis.
  24. Erdrich v. Righttime Medical Care (filed February 15, 2019) – A woman presents to urgent care with upper scapular pain, elevated blood pressure, and a prior history of hypertension and hyperlipidemia. Despite signs of cardiovascular complications, she is diagnosed with a muscle strain and sent home without performing any tests or recommendations. A few hours later she goes into cardiac arrest and dies.
  25. Howard v. Anonymous Dentist (filed February 15, 2019) – A dentist fails to control and treat an apical infection in one of his patients. As a result, they are forced to have the tooth extracted requiring additional dental and surgical procedures.
  26. Cooper v. Anonymous Dentist (filed February 15, 2019) – A dentist improperly places an endosteal implant for a patient. As a result, the patient is forced to have the implant removed and has had to undergo a sinus lift, three-digit bridge placement, and additional implant placement.
  27. Baker v. Mercy Medical Center (filed February 19, 2019) – A pregnant mother is diagnosed with severe preeclampsia and the baby is in fetal distress, however, an emergency C-section is not performed right away. When it finally is, it is too late and the baby has already suffered extensive brain damage.
  28. Hawkins v. Bridgepoint Healthcare (filed February 21, 2019) – An elderly man has a pressure ulcer that is not properly cared for. As a result, it becomes severely infected, he becomes septic, and he seriously injures himself after falling from his bed. Despite doctors’ best efforts, he passes away.
  29. Burston v. Long Green Center (filed February 22, 2019) – A stroke patient has a hemicraniectomy and is transferred to a skilled nursing facility for recovery. He is high fall risk and requires heightened assistance, precautions, and surveillance, however, he falls from his bed and hits his head on a wheelchair. He is diagnosed with hydrocephalus and requires the surgical placement of a complete ventriculoperitoneal shunt system.
  30. Tucker v. University of Maryland Medical Center (filed February 22, 2019) –A liver transplant candidate is diagnosed with cancer, which among other factors causes him to be taken off the list. He passes away soon after from aspiration pneumonia and an autopsy reveals that he did not have cancer. This case was recently dismissed.
  31. Sneed v. LabCorp. (filed February 25, 2019) – A woman is misdiagnosed with HIV and syphilis and submits to treatment and counseling only to learn the lab made a mistake and she has neither HIV nor syphilis.
  32. Stokes v. Maranatha House of Columbia (filed February 25, 2019) – An elderly man develops multiple decubitus ulcers, some of which are unstageable, that cause him to become septic and contribute to his death. This case was recently dismissed.
  33. Hickman v. Mercy Medical Center (filed February 26, 2019) – A woman is prescribed an incorrect dose of Fluoxetine HCL that causes her to have a prescription drug overdose. After she is left with anxiety, depression, serotonin syndrome, and eventually commits suicide.
  34. Arrington v. University of Maryland Orthopedic Associates (filed February 26, 2019) – While performing spinal fusion surgery, the surgeon perforates the patient’s bowel without realizing it. She develops sepsis, osteomyelitis, and requires multiple procedures to fix this mistake. She additionally suffers a brain injury and is no longer capable of living on her own.
  35. Lowe v. Baltimore Washington Medical Center (filed February 27, 2019) – A 42-year-old man goes to the emergency room after feeling a “pop” and then experiencing numbness and tingling in his extremities as well as a headache with a fever and chills. Despite these signs of a possible life-threatening vascular etiology, he is discharged. Nine days later he is found dead and an autopsy confirms he died from a subarachnoid hemorrhage.
  36. Ginyard v. Anonymous Therapist (filed February 27, 2019) – A therapist coaches a mother’s children to make allegations against their father of sexual abuse causing him to temporarily lose custody. Investigations reveal the allegations were false.
  37. DiCarlo v. Anonymous Doctor (filed February 27, 2019) – A woman undergoes plastic surgery and develops infections at the incision sites that her surgeon fails to treat. She goes to the emergency department where the infections are diagnosed as staph and she has to have her wounds drained. She additionally develops thrombophlebitis and has to have intravenous therapy. After the fact, the surgeon adds to her chart that she had multiple abscesses, four pinpoint openings, and an infection in her finger.
  38. Brown v. Westgate Hills Rehab Center (filed February 28, 2019) – A nursing home fails to take necessary fall precautions for a patient. As a result, the patient falls and suffers a left parietal subdural hematoma. He additionally is diagnosed with a urinary tract infection. Despite being treated, he never fully recovers and passes away a month later.
  39. Lopez v. Johns Hopkins Community Physicians (filed February 28, 2019) – A woman undergoes a laparoscopic hysterectomy and suffers bowel perforations that go undetected. As a result, she has to undergo multiple corrective surgeries as well as hospitalizations.
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