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Maryland Medical Malpractice Lawsuits Filed in June 2019

  1. Myers v. St. Joseph Medical Center (filed June 3, 2019) – A pregnant woman needs a C-section due to the failure of labor-inducing efforts. The doctors do no not provide her with the correct dosage of anesthesia. As a result, she can feel the entire procedure and despite her being in immense pain, they continue the surgery until delivery.
  2. Ford v. Pineview Extended Care Centre (filed June 3, 2019) – A man suffers a gunshot wound to the neck that causes him to be a quadriplegic. He enters a long-term nursing care facility where he is negligently cared for. Due to the facility’s neglect, he develops two Stage 4 pressure ulcers, three unstageable ulcers, and one that exposes bone.
  3. Ross v. University of Maryland Medical System (filed June 4, 2019) – A woman who is being treated for atrial fibrillation is rushed to the emergency room after experiencing four hours of chest pain and shortness of breath that resulted in her losing consciousness. The doctors are aware of the medication she has been taking, including anticoagulants, however, they prescribe her more. The additional blood thinners cause her to be over-anticoagulated and result in a massive brain bleed that kills her.
  4. Cosby v. Oak Crest Village (filed June 4, 2019) – An elderly nursing home resident has a history of falling and difficulty getting around. Despite the facility knowing of this, his service plan did not contain restrictions on his ability to transfer himself to the bathroom, bed, or a whirlpool at the facility he enjoyed using. He attempts to transfer himself into the whirlpool and falls where he drowns.
  5. Springham v. Mercy Medical Center (filed June 5, 2019) – A 28-year-old healthy woman has a clotting disorder due to a genetic mutation that creates an elevated risk of deep vein thrombosis. Oral contraceptive medications containing estrogen increase a woman’s risk of having a thromboembolic event and despite this, her doctor continues to prescribe her with it rather than change the prescription to a progestin-only formulation, which is typically done for women suffering from this disorder. Sadly, she is found unresponsive and passes away. An autopsy reveals that she died from blood clots in her lungs that originated from the deep veins in her left leg.
  6. Hamilton v. Anonymous Doctor (filed June 7, 2019) – A man has a cataract in one of his eyes and seeking care for it. The doctor performs a cataract extraction surgery. After the surgery, he begins to see floaters and showing symptoms of a detached retina. The doctor fails to diagnose it or refer him out. After he finally makes the diagnosis and refers him to a specialist, it is too late and he now suffers permanent damage to his vision.
  7. Arrington v. Future Care Health (filed June 7, 2019) – A man is admitted to a nursing care facility for short-term rehabilitation following a stroke. While there, he develops dermatitis as well as an unstageable sacral ulcer that becomes 80 percent necrotic with exposed bone and tunneling. Sadly, the infections are so bad he is ultimately diagnosed with sepsis and osteomyelitis which ultimately cause his death.
  8. Condrell v. Anonymous Doctor (filed June 7, 2019) – A woman is seeking treatment for her rheumatoid arthritis. Her doctor prescribes her hydroxychloroquine, a drug known to pose a risk of retinal toxicity to patients, ultimately leading to permanent vision loss. She additionally sees a doctor to monitor her for any retinal toxicity. This goes on for nine-years where her doctors do not recommend she stop the prescription until she is diagnosed with retinal toxicity in September of 2016. She is now almost completely blind.
  9. Johnson v. Genesis Healthcare (filed June 7, 2019) – A woman needs spinal surgery and has a recent history of deep vein thrombosis and superficial venous thrombosis. She is put on and off anti-coagulation therapy and the proper test are not taken before discontinuing her treatment. She develops worsening thrombi and experiences pulmonary emboli that she sadly succumbs to.
  10. Harris v. Harbor Hospital (filed June 7, 2019) – During a laparoscopic procedure a doctor cut the patients right ureter, thus causing damage to it. The patient has had to have a ureteral catheter placed, a stent, and ongoing additional medical care due to the surgeon’s mistake.
  11. Pinkney v. Guide Trexler House (filed June 11, 2019) – A mental health patient is transferred to a group home where he is assigned to share a room with another patient known to have violent propensities having killed his grandmother 13 years ago among other events since then. Despite his background, 24/7 supervision is not provided by the facility and the deceased plaintiff is placed in a room with him where he is eventually stabbed to death.
  12. Tisdale v. Buckingham Manor (filed June 12, 2019) – An elderly woman unable to walk without assistance is in a nursing home where she asks for help sitting up. An employee helps her to the side of her bed and then leaves her unattended where she falls and hits her head and hip. She is helped back into bed but the facility refuses to send her to the hospital. Her son calls an ambulance and has her taken to a hospital where it is determined she has trauma to her face a fractured hip that requires surgery.
  13. Berger v. Corsica Hills Center (filed June 13, 2019) – An 84-year-old woman in a skilled nursing facility is documented as a having a high fall risk. Despite this, no precautions are taken, such as having alarms, fall mats, or a toileting schedule. In the middle of the night, she is found on the bathroom floor after falling. She suffered a fractured humerus and right hip due to the fall both of which required surgery.
  14. Daily v. Anonymous Dentist (filed June 17, 2019) – A woman has been seeing a dentist for nearly 10 years and has continually been suffering from poor dental and physical health. She has had multiple infections, dental procedures, and tooth decay. After seeking a second opinion, she learns she has been neglected by her dentist and that for the past 10 years, the underlying reasons for her dental issues, which are obvious, have not been treated. Rather, he was aesthetically treating her easily fixable issues that have now become serious.
  15. Carter v. Harbor Hospital (filed June 17, 2019) – A woman is admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with a hernia and suspected small bowel obstruction. She is also suspected to be suffering from lactic acidosis or diabetic ketoacidosis. She needs surgery but the attending physicians and staff are not equipped to perform the surgery she needs. Because the surgery is not performed, she aspirates and codes going into cardiac arrest and come. Sadly, she passes away.
  16. Alghamdi v. Union Hospital of Cecil County (filed June 17, 2019) – A pregnant mother is about to go into labor and arrives at the emergency department. Fetal monitoring shows a decreased heart rate, decelerations, marked changes in variability, and other patterns indicative of fetal distress. Despite these symptoms, the staff failed to recognize them and the need for an emergency C-section. The baby suffered hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy that ultimately resulted in multi-organ failure causing his death.
  17. 2918-281: Johnson-Peterson v. Mercy Medical Center (filed June 18, 2019) – A pregnant woman is carrying a very large baby and when she arrives in labor, all the signs are there a C-section is needed. The doctors fail to do so, however, and during birth, the baby’s shoulders will not pass through the birth canal. An emergency C-section is performed, but the baby is literally stuck and doctors push him by his head back up the canal to perform the C-section. He now suffers from significant brain damage requiring consistent supervision.
  18. Sartwell v. Anonymous Dentists (filed June 18, 2019) – A woman needs a full mouth restoration where nearly all of her natural teeth must be removed and replaced with crowns and bridges. The dentist does not fit them properly and they change her bite causing her extreme around the clock pain. The dentist replaces all of the work several times but still does not fix it. She now needs a complete reconstruction of her mouth to fix her issues at a cost above $60 thousand.
  19. Simpson v. Futurecare at Good Samaritan (filed June 19, 2019) – A woman has surgery on her arm and is admitted to a rehabilitation facility where she is neglected and not properly cared for. As a result, she develops a massive bedsore on her buttocks requiring otherwise unnecessary treatments and excruciating pain.
  20. Morales v. Baltimore Washington Medical Center (filed June 19, 2019) – A woman is being treated for continuing health problems she is suffering from. She persistently has proteinuria, hematuria, and hypertension as well as concerning urinalysis and metabolic testing results. Despite these increasingly concerning signs of a life-threatening condition, she is not referred to a nephrologist and her chronic kidney disease goes undiagnosed. She is now in end-stage renal failure.
  21. Smith v. Bridgepark Healthcare (filed June 17, 2019) – A 68-year-old woman needs brain surgery and is placed on a ventilator after. She is sent to a rehab facility and taken off the ventilator having a trach placed. While at the rehab facility, her trach continually becomes dislodged and is not secured. Roughly three months after her arrival, she was found unresponsive after the trach had dislodged yet again and despite resuscitation efforts, passes away.
  22. Barnes v. Villa Rosa Nursing (filed June 20, 2019) – After having brain surgery, an elderly man is admitted into a rehabilitation facility. While there, he develops severe pressure ulcers that require him to be hospitalized. He is treated and diagnosed for the ulcers and septic infection. He is sent back to the rehabilitation facility where he again develops severe pressure ulcers and wounds and sadly passes away. It is determined that septic shock, stemming from his ulcers, was the direct cause of death.
  23. Meister v. Sinai Hospital (filed June 20, 2019) – A 72-year-old man with a history of heart disease fractures his ankle and requires surgery. While in surgery and under anesthesia, he is administered bupivacaine, a local anesthetic. This drug can be cardiotoxic and is usually only given when a patient is awake so they can report any toxicity symptoms if they occur. Shortly after it was given, he went into cardiac arrest and sadly passed away soon after.
  24. Johnson v. Community Radiology Associates (filed June 21, 2019) – A 62-year-old woman with a long history of smoking is suffering from a worsening cough. A CT scan is performed, however, the doctors fail to detect that she has a lung nodule and no further studies are ordered. Her cancer is not detected until over three years later. She has been forced to undergo extensive surgeries and treatments and her probability of survival is much less than it would have been had the cancer been caught on the earlier scans.
  25. Nicol v. Washington Adventist Hospital (filed June 21, 2019) – A man injures his leg and needs an immediate surgery to repair it. During the surgery, the doctor leaves a metal drill bit in his leg without knowledge of doing so. For the following two months he suffers a lot of pain and discomfort that nothing seems to help. An MRI is finally ordered that reveals the drill bit. He then is forced to undergo a second surgery to have it removed.
  26. Blummer v. Howard County General Hospital (filed June 21, 2019) – A man presents to doctors on multiple occasions each time with worsening symptoms of meningitis. CT, MRI, ad MRA scans are taken multiple times all of which come back normal and no further testing, such as a lumbar puncture, is performed despite his lack of improvement. A lumbar puncture is finally done that confirms meningitis, however, he has already suffered severe brain damage among other things and ultimately passes away.
  27. Mercado v. La Familia Assisted Living (filed June 21, 2019) – An elderly woman is admitted into a nursing home where she is determined to be a fall risk, however, no precautions are taken to prevent her from falling. Foreseeably, she falls and fractures her hip, among other more minor injuries, and must have surgery to repair it.
  28. Ridge v. Kris-Leigh Catered Living (filed June 24, 2019) – A 73-year-old-woman is eating breakfast at the nursing home she resides and chokes on a piece of grapefruit. Staff call 911, but do not assist her in any way. She did not receive any assistance until paramedics arrived and cleared her airway. She was transferred to a nearby hospital where she was comatose and died three days later.
  29. Diggs v. Anonymous Doctor (filed June 25, 2019) – A woman goes to urgent care to have a TB test taken. Her arm beings to swell and she develops hives, dizzy spells, and faints. When she goes back to get her results, she is told they are positive for TB. She demands a second test, which is performed and comes back negative for TB. She then learns that the first test was a tetanus shot, given by mistake, which she has a severe allergy to.
  30. Groves v. HCR ManorCare Foundation (filed June 25, 2019) – A 60-year-old woman is living in a nursing home facility where she is diagnosed with a urinary tract infection and dermatitis. She is prescribed antibiotics and ointments, however, her condition does not improve. No further treatment is provided and she is found roughly a month later unresponsive and passes away. It is determined she was suffering from sepsis and her sacral area was covered with open wounds and sores from untreated dermatitis.
  31. Oursler v. Sinai Hospital (filed June 26, 2019) – An 81-year-old man falls and suffers a subdural hematoma. He is on blood thinners due to other health problems that are stopped and are not to be started again until five days later. The neurologist also recommends neurological checks should be completed every four hours. The checks are not performed and doctors start him back on blood thinners before the recommended day. His condition significantly worsens and his hematoma doubles in size. Because of his age and condition, he is not a candidate for surgery and is put on comfort measures until he passes away.
  32. Broessel v. Peninsula Regional-Genesis Elder Care (filed June 26, 2019) – A long-term care resident who is a fall risk works in a convenience store at the facility where she is supposed to be monitored at all times. Her supervisor steps out and while gone, she is maneuvering in her wheelchair when a resident on an electric scooter collides with her. She is propelled from the wheelchair and fractures her neck where she remains lying on the floor for several minutes until she is discovered. She has to undergo several procedures and is now bedbound.
  33. Deckard v. Transitional Healthcare Center (filed June 26, 2019) – A nursing home hires a nursing assistant who was known to have previously assaulted a patient. While helping a resident take a bath, the nursing assistant unprovoked beat him viciously. As a result, he suffered injuries as well as mental pain and anxiety up until his death.
  34. Hartman v. Erickson Living Management (filed June 27, 2019) – An elderly man lives in a nursing home facility and is a high fall risk and unable to walk at all. He requires a lift to be transferred with the assistance of two people. While being transferred, the staff does so improperly and he falls breaking his leg. Given his other health problems combined with the broken leg, he passes away soon after.
  35. Thomas v. Union Hospital of Cecil County (filed June 27, 2019) – A surgeon with a history of injurious surgeries performs exploratory surgery on a patient for abdominal pain. After the procedure, she has increasingly worse pain and develops sepsis from an intestinal perforation caused by the surgery that went undetected. After multiple procedures and treatments her condition is reversed, however, she suffers permanent gastrointestinal dysfunction as a result.
  36. Doe v. Chesapeake Medical Solutions (filed June 28, 2019) – An employee in a health care facility becomes seriously ill when her former boss takes over her care. In doing so, a sexual relationship develops where her boss, and now physician, takes advantage of her vulnerable position and among other things, demands sex as payment for procedures and care.
  37. White v. Franklin Square Hospital (filed June 28, 2019) – A pregnant woman whose water broke arrives at the hospital and rather than being admitted delivery, despite her crowning, she is forced to fill out admittance paperwork first. While standing at the desk in front of her son and mother she delivers the baby falling to the floor.
  38. Hough v. University of Maryland Midtown Campus (filed June 28, 2019) – A woman who is 34 weeks pregnant presents to the emergency department with signs of preeclampsia but is not immediately admitted to labor and delivery. Fetal heart rate monitoring in non-reassuring, however, a doctor is not called until agonal fetal heart rate and bradycardia is detected. A C-section is performed, and the baby is born with permanent brain damage from a placental abruption that was undiagnosed.
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