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  1. Wallace v. Heritage Center (filed May 1, 2017): This is a failure to prevent fall in a nursing home case filed by the daughter of the woman who fell who died six months later of unrelated causes. The decedent was a fall risk who fell while being only "partially assisted" by a staff member on her way to a bedside commode. The daughter also alleges that it took seven hours before an x-ray was performed of her fracture "left lower extremity."
  2. Rich v. MedStar Visiting Nurse Association (filed May 1, 2017): This is another nursing home pressure ulcer case with a twist. The plaintiff needs his right middle toe amputated for ulcerations that were not related to the negligence claim. The lawsuit, which was filed pro se, alleges that the failure to clean and dress the wound led to the amputation of the plaintiff's fourth and fifth toes.
  3. Mayhew v. Chesapeake Eye and Laser Center (filed May 2, 2017): This is an odd case involving a slip and fall at an ophthalmologist's office in Annapolis. The patient fell during a trip to the bathroom after getting her eyes dilated.
  4. Abrams v. FutureCare Lochearn (filed May 3, 2017): This is a classic wrongful death bedsore case filed in Baltimore City filed FutureCare. The lawsuit alleges that decedent died because FutureCare failed to do the turning, positioning and pressure reduction inventions in the face of the resident's growing bedsore.
  5. Hazlett v. Patient First (filed May 3, 2017): This is wrongful death case against Patient First in Baltimore City alleging that the doctor misdiagnosed classic signs of a heart attack as GI symptoms.
  6. Milad v. Mercy Medical Center (filed May 4, 2017): This is a wrongful death case filed in Baltimore City alleging that a woman died because her mechanical ventilation was prematurely discontinued after surgery.
  7. Dennin v. Tower Radiology (filed May 4, 2017): Wrongful death case in Charles County for failing to diagnose and treat ovarian cancer.
  8. Logue v. Patient First (filed May 4, 2017): This second wrongful death lawsuit filed against Patient First in a three-day span. This case also alleges that the decedent was improperly cleared for surgery. This case involved the patient's respiratory/pulmonary workup before a tonsillectomy and septoplasty.
  9. Schafer v. Chesapeake Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Center (filed May 4, 2017): After a failure to prescribe antibiotics to treat an infected laceration, this medical malpractice case was filed in Anne Arundel County.
  10. Konstandinidis v. Montgomery General Hospital (filed May 5, 2017): Medical malpractice lawsuit filed against Montgomery General Hospital, Chesapeake Urology Associates, and two defendant doctors who caused a severe mucosal avulsion injury to the patient’s ureter during a ureteral stone removal procedure.
  11. Carpenter v. Peninsula Regional Medical Center (filed May 5, 2017): A 3-year-old in Wicomico County suffered fatal complications, including an emergency room explosion and sepsis, from tonsil removal surgery. This wrongful death case was filed against Peninsula Regional Medical Center and the Children’s National Medical Center.
  12. Baker v. SSC Baltimore Operating Company LLC (filed May 5, 2017): A negligence lawsuit filed in Baltimore City after a woman suffers a femur fracture while being assisted from a chair to her bed by a member of the nursing staff at Overlea Health and Rehabilitation Center.
  13. Carroll v. Johns Hopkins Hospital (filed May 8, 2017): A woman suffered fatal liver injuries during an allegedly blind pericardiocentesis procedure to drain the buildup of fluid around her heart. This wrongful death lawsuit was filed by her estate in Baltimore City.
  14. Czajkowski v. University of Maryland Midtown Health Inc. (filed May 8, 2017): A woman underwent a craniotomy and suffered permanent damage, requiring 24-hour care, after sustaining a traumatic brain injury due to a fall at UMMC. This malpractice lawsuit includes allegations of an inappropriate reduction in the woman’s fall risk assessment status and the subsequent reduction in fall prevention measures.
  15. Butts v. Children’s Dental Office, P.A. (filed May 9, 2017): This dental malpractice lawsuit was filed in Anne Arundel County after the defendant dentists failed to recognize the obstruction to a girl’s upper canine teeth in a timely manner. If the girl’s baby canine teeth had been removed earlier, the surgical removal of her impacted adult canines and dental implants could have been avoided.
  16. Lindgren v. Johns Hopkins Hospital (filed May 10, 2017): A birth injury malpractice suit filed in Baltimore City after an infant was born with preventable Erb’s palsy, caused by the defendant doctor’s negligent delivery.
  17. Claimant v. Planned Parenthood (filed May 10, 2017): This abortion medical malpractice lawsuit was filed in Montgomery County when a dilation and evacuation procedure at Planned Parenthood resulted in severe abdominal injuries, including damage to the uterus, ovary, fallopian tube, and appendix.
  18. Broadwater v. Maxim Healthcare Services (filed May 11, 2017): A home nurse failed to replace or reposition the permanent endotracheal tube of a four-year-old child with Trisomy 18. The nurse’s negligence resulted in the child’s death.
  19. Broadwater v. Maxim Healthcare Services (filed May 11, 2017): A home nurse failed to replace or reposition the permanent endotracheal tube of a four-year-old child with Trisomy 18. The nurse's negligence resulted in the child's death.
  20. Helbig v. McCabe (filed May 11, 2017): Despite evidence of deep variable decelerations and persistent late decelerations from fetal monitor strips, physicians at the University of Maryland St. Johns Medical Center in Baltimore County failed to perform an emergency c-section in time. The child in this birth injury malpractice suit carries a diagnosis of hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy and spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy.
  21. Sonneborn v. 205 Armstrong Avenue Operations (filed May 11, 2017): Nurses at the Corsica Hills Center attempted to get a resident back into bed, using a Hoyer lift backwards. Improper usage of the lift resulted in a dislocation of the resident's right hip.
  22. Lennon v. Howard County General Hospital (filed May 15, 2017): In this medical malpractice lawsuit, physicians at Howard County General Hospital failed to diagnose a case of necrotizing fasciitis, a flesh-eating bacterial infection, in a timely manner. As a result of the delayed diagnosis and treatment, the man required a right arm amputation up to the shoulder.
  23. Smith v. Sayeed (filed May 16, 2017): A woman who was receiving treatment for chronic cervical pain was malpracticed on during a cervical injection procedure for pain management. Her doctor improperly used a 3-inch needle to administer anesthetic, without using fluoroscopic guidance, causing a spinal cord infarction and permanent nerve damage.
  24. Frank v. 9109 Liberty Road Operations, LLC (filed May 16, 2017): A woman received improper wound care from Genesis Patapsco Valley Center after the amputation of her right toes, and maggots were found in her surgical wound. She required multiple additional surgeries, including a below the knee amputation.
  25. Mushrush v. Cuesta (filed May 16, 2017): A man suffered complications, including fractures, dislocations, and nerve damage, from foot surgery as a result of medical malpractice.
  26. Gray v. Wycall (filed May 17, 2017): During a root canal, an endodontist sealed part of a file into a man's canal. The man underwent a subsequent root canal, endodontic retreatment, apicoectomy, and eventually tooth extraction as a result of the dental malpractice.
  27. Morrison v. Simmonds, Martin & Melmbrecht, LLC (filed: May 18, 2017): It took multiple ultrasounds and two D&C procedures over the course of six weeks before doctors at Simmonds, Martin,&Melmbrecht realized that a woman's post-pregnancy abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding was caused by an infection from retained pregnancy product in her uterus.
  28. Spencer v. Shere-Wolfe (filed May 18, 2017): A negligent anesthesiologist caused a woman to go without oxygen for approximately ten minutes during a routine appendectomy, causing a hypoxic brain injury. As a result of the medical malpractice, the woman continues to suffer from headaches, dizziness, memory deficits, irritability, and impairment of straight-line walking.
  29. Stokes v. Envoy of Denton, LLC (filed May 18, 2017): In this wrongful death claim filed in Caroline County, a nursing home failed to properly monitor and treat a patient's sacral ulcer, causing him to develop a fatal case of sepsis.
  30. Ayoola v. Dimensions Health Corporation (filed May 19, 2017): After involvement in a car accident, a pregnant woman was transported to the emergency department at Prince George's Hospital Center. Despite evidence of abdominal trauma in pregnancy, the hospital staff failed to recognize placental abruption and fetal distress in time, causing the woman to suffer dramatic blood loss and the death of her unborn child.
  31. Harper v. Ulloa (filed May 19, 2017): A man who had been suffering from a narrowing of his right carotid artery underwent surgery to treat his condition at Sinai Hospital of Baltimore. The operating doctor tied off the man's right internal carotid artery during surgery, which was an inappropriate choice that would dramatically increase the risk of stroke. Several days later the man suffered a stroke that ultimately led to his death.
  32. Ambrosino v. Ahmed (filed May 19, 2017): A man sought treatment for a fractured tooth at Universal Smiles. While under anesthesia, he was sexually abused by the dentist.
  33. Razulis v.McQuay (filed May 22, 2017): After suffering complications from an appendectomy, the claimant, a vegan with a milk allergy, was fed milk products at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center in Baltimore City. She was also discharged with a high white blood cell count, even though she had never been informed of her elevated white blood cell count or her corresponding risk of developing an abdominal infection. In follow-up appointments her complaints of pain were ignored, having been falsely labeled with an anxiety disorder. After three major surgeries treating various complications that could have been avoided if the doctors had taken her complaints of pain seriously, she was eventually diagnosed with a massive surgical hernia and detached abdominal muscles.
  34. Watson v. Fort Washington Medical Center (filed May 22, 2017): In this wrongful death case, a woman presented to the emergency department with severe radiating neck pain, and later with ankle and foot pain. Both times she was discharged without a complete examination from a medical doctor. It was later determined that she was suffering complications from an infection, and died as a result.
  35. Webb v. Harbor Hospital (filed May 22, 2017): Despite a history of shoulder dystocia during her previous labor and delivery, physicians were unprepared to handle shoulder dystocia during her next labor and delivery. As a result, her second child suffered a left brachial plexus birth injury and permanent neurological deficits.
  36. Walsh v. Kim (filed May 23, 2017): A CT scan taken after the claimant suffered a fall showed a left cerebellar mass, but the appropriate follow-up scans and treatment was not taken. Nine months later, the claimant underwent surgery to remove a non-malignant lesion.
  37. Sandoval v. The Center for Innovative GYN Care (filed May 24, 2017): A woman's bowel was damaged during an elective surgery to preserve her uterus when the surgeons failed to take proper precaution after noting her distorted anatomy. The bowel damage caused an infection, and the woman had to undergo two additional surgeries and suffered permanent damage to her reproductive organs.
  38. Brooks v. CEP America (filed May 24, 2017): Physicians at St. Agnes Hospital failed to take the claimant's history of blood clots into consideration, and discharged the claimant after she presented with sudden-onset leg pain. As a result of the delayed diagnosis, the claimant underwent an above the knee amputation of her leg.
  39. Jones v. Kusakabe (filed May 26, 2017): A man sustained compartment syndrome in his right leg after a robotic surgery to remove his prostate had been delayed at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore.
  40. Bailey v. University of Maryland Medical System (filed May 26, 2017): Physicians failed to intervene with a C-section when fetal heart rate dropped during labor and delivery. As a result, the minor claimant suffers from cerebral palsy.
  41. Jones v. Bach (filed May 26, 2017): During a surgical procedure to remove her bunions, a woman's toe was shortened, causing her to suffer metatarsalgia, or foot pain under her metatarsal bones.
  42. Baione v.Ma (filed May 26, 2017): The claimant suffered an injury to her aorta during the laparoscopic removal of her appendix at the University of Maryland Charles Regional Medical Center.
  43. Prager v. Bydon (filed May 26, 2017): A surgery to extend the claimant's spinal fusion resulted in a Brachial Plexus injury. The spinal muscles that sends signal from the spine to his shoulder, arm, and hand were permanently damaged.
  44. Bennett v. Upper Chesapeake Medical Center (filed May 30, 2017): A man fell from his bed in the emergency department and broke the neck of his femur. No fall risk assessment had been performed, and the man had not been told to call for assistance if he needed to get out of bed.
  45. Samarawickreme v. Zarate (filed May 31, 2017): A nerve was damaged during surgery to remove bunions at Zarate Podiatry. The negligent bunionectomy caused infection, severe pain, lack of motion and a big toe that folded under her second toe.
  46. Commock v. Bae (filed May 31, 2017): During a surgery to remove the claimant's wisdom teeth, a dentist at Kool Smiles of District Heights traumatized the claimant's right lingual nerve. After the claimant complained of tongue numbness, the dentist failed to inform the claimant of her injury, prescribe her with steroids, or refer her to a neurologist.
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